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Cacao fruit Pulp

100% Cacao Fruit Pulp with year-round production.

A product with endless properties, containing magnesium, zinc, potassium, flavonoids, theobromine, caffeine, and an incredibly delicious flavor that tastes nothing like chocolate, but it comes from the same exact fruit. Something completely new the world has yet to discover! 

Sweet -and sour beginnings

We are proud to be able to introduce a new flavor to the world. As cacao fruits get ripe on the trees, inside the cacao pod there are dozens of beans enveloped in a sticky sweet -and sour pulp. This pulp is called mucilage and it tastes absolutely amazing.

The frozen pulp

We offer frozen, Aseptic and Freeze-Dried Cacao Fruit Pulp.

Pulp is pasteurized and fully produced in our high technology factory installed at Hacienda Palo Santo in 2015, where we follow strict food production standards stablished by HACCP and GMP certifications.

As fresh as it can be

Our factory is located in the middle of our cacao fields, and the production is done under strict hygiene protocols.


Frozen Cacao Fruit Pulp

Store at -18 degrees celcius for a shelf  life of 2 years

  • 18.5kg pails

  • 100g sachet

  • 1kg sachet

  • 4kg sachet

Aseptic Cacao Fruit Pulp

Store at room temperature for a shelf life of 18 months

  • 90g pouch

  • 500g pouch

  • 1kg pouch


Freeze-dried Cacao Fruit Pulp

Store at dry room temperature for a shelf life of 12 months

  • 250g doy pack

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