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Our Story

Agronomists by profession and Cacao Growers by tradition

Hacienda Palo Santo is a cacao and derivatives farm located on the Cerecita Valley near the Ecuadorian coast, one hour away from Guayaquil.

Palo Santo is owned and daily managed by a family of agronomists who have been involved in the cacao production over three generations, developing innovative production techniques to protect resources and increase productivity while working on rigorous post-harvest controls with the needed infrastructure to produce the highest quality and homogenous cacao beans and pulp.

What makes us different

We only plant selected and proven vegetative genetic material.

We maintain a rigorous traceability of each one of our trees and their production.

We guarantee that all the cacao we export comes from a single plantation, thus assuring a homogeneous taste and quality of the cocoa beans and pulp.

During the post- harvest process, an hourly control is carried out, therefore our customers can be informed of all the steps and time of each prepared batch for sale.

Since we are suppling the food industry, it is our philosophy to offer a very neat cacao bean that does not touch the ground or dirt in any stage of the production process and is not contaminated with external materials, therefore is ready to use.

Meet The Family

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