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Cacao beans

We believe that it all starts from the bean. We offer the highest quality cacao beans to the industry to make sure that our clients are able to differentiate their final product:

Hacienda Palo Santo Bean 

200 Hectares

Organic Certified

Via la Costa - Ecuador

Hacienda Sofia Beans

200 Hectares

Organic Certified

Naranjal - Ecuador

About our beans
  • Flavor profile: Nutty & fruity

  • Fermentation: above 90%

  • Weight per 100 beans: 150 grams

  • Humidity: 7.5%

  • Packing in sacks: 69, 47, 25 kg

  • Packing in boxes: 8 kg

  • Upon request we can add Grain-Pro bags if needed


Our production conditions allows us to offer cacao throughout the whole year with a concentration of production from October to February.

Export service

Our experienced and multilingual staff offers export assistance in order to guarantee the appropriate shipping of our products. 

Farm Direct

Our products are harvested, fermented, dried, packed into sacks and loaded into containers at the farm, ensuring 100% control pre-shipping.

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